5 Bills 8 Coins Cash Drawer

5 Bills 8 Coins Cash Drawer

We can supply you different cash drawers for different use.Such as 4B8C,5B8C,5B4C,4B6C,4B4C5B6C rtc.And can be ABS tray,metal cash tray etc.Besides we can make heavy duty cash drawer.Welcome to visit us.

Product Details

5 bills and 8 coins (ADJUSTABLE)     

Lock type:three types(manual/electronic/locked),two check slot

Bill position width:70 /72 /72/63/65 mm, depth183mm

Coin position width:84 /87 /85 /85 mm,depth:57 mm /57 mm        

High quality steel+ABS  



quality steel cable spring clip 

position switch

key and lock: one number key to match one money box      

 product size:405(W)*420(L)*100(H) mm

packing size:455(W)*470(L)*160(H)mm      

 colour: black                                                                                        


 N.W:  6.5KG