China Made Electronic Code And Mifare Card Open Security Door Locks

China Made Electronic Code And Mifare Card Open Security Door Locks

We are a safe and lock factory in China.We have a history of more than fifteen years.Our main products are hotel lock,digital lock,fingerprint lock,hotel safe,home safe,gun safe,depository safe.For digital code lock,it can be opened by electronic code,Mifare care and also with key for emergency.

Product Details

China made electronic code and mifare card open security door locks

zinc alloy material

can set 1 group master password(8 bits) and 50 groups of user password(6bits);1 master card and 200user card;

touching screen for easily for uers to input digital codes.

You can use master code to open the door

You can use usr code to open the door

and can also use Mifare card to open the door

Before put in the password, please brush touch the button panel until the backlight lights on. Then you can put in password. If you put in the wrong password in first time, you will hear long "beep" 3 times and also with red light, Then you can enter password again; each time you activate the keyboard ,you just can enter 3 times, If you put in the wrong password 3 times continue, the keypad will be locked.

 1Stand-alone model

       1Read cardopen the lock, automatically locked after 5S

       2Put password + press unlock keyopen the lockautomatically locked after 5S

         Within 5 seconds after put the password: aCan change the passwordbCan be set Stay-open(channel):

           achange the password1 + new password door lock + press unlock key +  new password  +  press unlock key

           bStay-open settings: 3 +7+press unlock keythe door is in stay-open status.

           cRemove the Stay-open status: Read an opening card or put in opening passwordthe motor rotate to open the door, the door closed(the stay-open status removed)

   2Combined(double-unlocking) model

      1Master password or Master card can be directly open the door alone, do not need double authentication;

      2Unlocking password(or unlocking card) + Unlocking cardor Unlocking password  

     NoteaCombined(double-unlocking) model: can be not changed the unlocking passwordStay-open(channel) Function3+7+press unlock key.

  bIf you put in the wrong password 5 times continue, the keypad will be locked for 2 minutes.