Hotel Key Card Lock

Hotel Key Card Lock

hotel key card lock is one of our typical models.We are professional for hotel safe,home safe,gun safes,watch safe,jewelry safe,office safe,commercial safe,fireproof safe,password lock etc.

Product Details

hotel key card lock made in China

it is all zinc alloy construction

Mifare card(13.56m HZ)or T5557 card to open the door

with different sectors for different use in hotel,such as shopping,parking,sauna etc.

power supply:4x1.5V alkaline batteries(DC 6V)

alarm volatage:4.5V

Static Currency:<20uA

Dynamic currency:<200mA

Work temperature:-20-60 degree centigrade

Work humidity:10%-85%RH

1. Software: Temic 5557 and Mifare-1.

2. Card encoder: linked with the computer and software to encode dfferent cards,such as guest card(check in and check out),master card,floor card,building card etc.

3.RFID card: swipe the card close to the lock sensitive part(some marked "card here") to open the door.

4.Power switch:insert the card to take the power of the room, when card take out, it blackout.(energy saver switch)

5.Data colloctor:Linked with and software to acquire the date of the room, about lock and unlock information, time, date.

accessories: mifare card,software,card reader,initializer,energy saver,control panel,door gate display etc.