Fingerprint password lock fingerprint identification system has four major modules

- May 15, 2018-

Fingerprint password lock fingerprint identification system module 1: fingerprint image compression

Large-capacity fingerprint databases must be compressed and stored to reduce storage space. The main methods include JPEG, WSQ, EZW and so on.

Fingerprint password lock fingerprint recognition system module  2: Fingerprint Image Processing

Including fingerprint area detection, image quality judgment, pattern and frequency estimation, image enhancement, fingerprint image binarization and refinement. Pre-processing refers to the processing of fingerprint images containing noise and pseudo-features using a certain algorithm to make the structure of the ridge lines clear and the feature information prominent. Its purpose is to improve the quality of fingerprint images and improve the accuracy of feature extraction. In general, the preprocessing process includes normalization, image segmentation, enhancement, binarization, and refinement, but the preprocessing steps are also different depending on the specific situation.

Fingerprint password lock fingerprint recognition system module 3: fingerprint feature extraction

Fingerprint feature extraction: Extracts the fingerprint feature point information (endpoints, bifurcation points, ...) from the preprocessed image. The information mainly includes the type, coordinate, direction and other parameters of the detailed features in the fingerprint, usually including Endpoints, bifurcation points, isolated points, short bifurcations, rings, etc. The chances of occurrence of fingerprint endpoints and bifurcation points in fingerprints are many, * stable, and it is easy to obtain these two types of feature points to match fingerprint features. Calculate the degree of similarity between the feature extraction result and the stored feature template.

Fingerprint password lock fingerprint recognition system module 4: fingerprint matching

Fingerprint matching is to compare the characteristics of fingerprints collected in the field with those stored in the fingerprint database.