blade key lock safe China manufacture

- Feb 13, 2018-

blade key lock safe China manufacture

all high quality steel material

powder coated for safe interior and exterior surface

only blade key lock to manage the safe which is top security and cannot be copied.

with predrilled mounting holes on the bottom and back(anchors included)

with a piece of grey mat inside safe to protect valuables

different size of safes for your information

H140XW190XD140mm   3920pcs/20FCl

H170XW230XD170mm 3300pcs/20FCL

H200XW310XD200mm   1800pcs/20Fcl

H250XW350XD250mm   1000pcs/20Fcl

H300XW380XD300mm   650pcs/20FCl

H200xw430xd350mm   730pcs/20FCl

H250XW420XD372mm   580pcs/20FCl

H380XW350XD360mm   510pcs/20FCl

H500XW360XD330mm   360pcs/20Fcl

H520XW350xD370mm   330pcs/20FCl