- Dec 13, 2017-

ONE: Operation guidence

1.Technical parameters

  Rated Current: 30A

 Rated voltage: 220V

2 .Instructions for use

 In the process of using, in order to make the energy-saving switch  play safety ,energy conservation,please refer to the use model of  Figure 1.


Figure 1.: the proper using model of energy-saving switch

Connection instruction:



Figure 2.   Wiring diagram of energy--saving switch


The characteristics of products

     Using infrared sensor technology, IC card chip technology and Sensor Technology, After taking the card, 8-15 seconds later, the power will take off.  The Material of shell is import fireproof PC material, which is strong of anti-roasted and anti-tarnishing

Product categories:

Infrared power switch: IC card power switch: 4442 card power switch.; induced card power switch; TI card power switch; MF1 card power switch.

TWO: Product specifications

1. Dimensions:86×86×50(mm), porcelain white

2. Rated voltage: AC 220∨±10%;Load current: 30A

THREE:Use method

1. Find the location of the indicator light on the shell.

2. According to the direction suggested on the panel insert the chip

3. When the indicator light turn off, switch will supply power normal

4.Take out the card, when needing to turn off the light. 8 ~ 15 seconds later the switch will break the outside power voluntarily.

FOUR:Maintain attentions

When assemble the outer covering, first from up to down make it close to the base , and from down to up take it off .

Maintain attentions: look carefully the connection indicates at product back and finish a line according to the sign

Special Announcement: HDR-H, when being put into use, don’t use the deep colour card..