Four strokes teach you to choose a safe and reliable home safe

- Jul 19, 2018-

Nowadays, the development of society and economy, people's living standards have improved, and small treasury in the home such as gold, jewelry, cash, passbooks, real estate licenses and other valuables will increase, stored in the ordinary cabinet at home, worried about thieves invading, a large amount of assets deposited into the bank lack of liquidity At this time, you need to choose a home safe to help you protect your property. However, the news that the safe has been smashed is frightening. How to choose a safe safe and let you go out? Take a look at the dry goods knowledge that Almighty Safe provides for you.

First, look for the brand. The safety performance of safes will be differentiated by brands. For example, some furniture cities and supermarkets attract consumers to buy products at low prices. Most of them have not passed the anti-theft safety test of national authorities, and their technical content is low. There is no guarantee, so the safes supported by the brand will have a lot of inspection before leaving the factory, plus the brand's certain popularity and reputation, there is nothing wrong with trusting the brand's safe.

Second, the choice of locks for locks are mainly mechanical and electronic: mechanical methods are more traditional, the price is usually lower, the advantage is long service life, not easy to break, high security, the disadvantage is when opening More troublesome; electronic type is now more widely used, can replace passwords, easy to use, more features, high security, if you forget the password or lose the key, you can use the factory password to unlock, or use the emergency key to unlock.

At present, the latest technology of the electronic lock safe on the market is “fingerprint + key”. The all-round safe launches the all-around ring king safe. With the automatic fingerprint identification system, the convenience of fingerprint solves the trouble brought by the password, combined with the use of the key. Give you double insurance, which can effectively reduce the harm caused by leaks.

Third, look at the material. Choosing a safe is not the heavier the better. Some heavy safes are not all-steel. They may be filled with cement and have no safety. When consumers buy, they should not only consider the weight according to the actual situation, so it is not worth the candle. At present, the steel for making the safe box is a kind of ordinary hot-rolled steel. The characteristics are brittle and the toughness is poor. It is fragile, easy to wear and easy to crack when damaged by external force drill hammer. Compared with the hot-rolled steel, the cold-rolled steel has much better toughness than the hot-rolled steel. Even if the box has been severely deformed by external force, it is not easy to penetrate the steel plate, and the high-end product chooses cold-rolled alloy steel. Therefore, the same is the "high-quality steel" safe, how to judge its insurance coefficient? It can be identified by looking at the security level. The security safes are classified into A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, and C according to the security level. On the nameplate of the regular product, these security levels are marked.

Fourth, after sales service. After purchasing the safe, it is inseparable from good after-sales service. This is the guarantee to ensure the normal use of the product. In order to ensure that there is no worries about using the safe, we must pay attention to the brand, sales network coverage, after-sales commitment, and the strength of the dealer. . The all-round safe in the leading position in China's safe industry is to create a quality after-sales service system, enhance the added value of products, and constantly listen to the opinions and suggestions of each customer on after-sales service, and further improve the quality of products and after-sales service. It has truly fulfilled the principle of “reassuring customers and making everything in the interests of customers”.

In addition to the above four points to select safe advice, consumers can choose according to their own economic situation, compared with other relevant factors, there will be a safe for you, for your safe keeping of family property.