Hotel locks

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Currently there has two types of hotel locks. They are touching type and sensitive type.

1).Touching type is also called as TM card or IC card. Its advantage is quick card reading but its chip is easily broken for touching by the card reader on the lock. This kind of lock is being replaced by the sensitive card lock.

2).sensitive type lock: There‚Äôre three kinds of this lock, that is ID door lock,RF door lock and Mifare door lock.

2.1). ID card, it can be read but cannot be used with card reader, without software. It is suitable for small hotel and inn or small quantity rooms in hotels.

2.2).RF card, it can be read and written, it works with card reader and software. It is related to low frequency. It is the widely used card lock and its cards need to be issued by the encoder.

2.3).M1 card can be read and written by card reader and software. It is high frequency card(13.56MHZ) and with some sections. This card can be used for different lines and industries.