Hotel type safe box functions

- Dec 06, 2017-

Hotel type safe box functions

1)Display: led display or lcd display

2)Digital code: guest code and master code, guest code of course for guests to set. It is easy and input personal code(usually 3-6bits) to press # to lock the safe door. When you need to take out the things,input your code which you set then the door will be opened.

Master code: when guests forget their code, they will ask hotel for help. Hotel management can use their master code to open the door. Now guests can reset their personal codes.

3)mechanical key for emergency: each safe is with keys for emergency .

4)audit trial function: with this function you can read the unlocking records by override device and also records can be printed, from which you can see the time of each unlocking and by which way. It is better way for hotels to manage.

5)anchors for mounting: These anchors are attached with hotel safes. Use this you can mount the anchors to the wall or the floor.