Introduction and role of the password lock

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Password lock is a kind of lock, opened with a series of numbers or symbols, text password lock can be divided into: mechanical password lock, digital password lock and so on. Password lock password is usually arranged instead of the real combination. Part of the code lock uses only one turntable to rotate several discs or cams in the lock. Some code locks also rotate a group of numbered dial wheels to directly drive the mechanical inside the lock.



Password lock is the most common lock on the safe, the market is more common in the safe cabinet products, commonly used passwords are: machinery, electronics, swipe, fingerprints, remote control password box, etc., and the use of more Or in front of several types.


Folding machinery

Mechanical lock is more stable, durable, and does not require power. However, the operation method is relatively slow to learn, and it is inconvenient to operate. Professionals are required to change the password.


Folding swipe

Swipe lock can use its own IC card to open the door of the safe, simple operation, but the requirements of the IC card is relatively high, if the contact with the magnetic object, the IC card may weaken the magnetic, can not open the password lock.


Fold fingerprint class

Fingerprints in this world is difficult to find the same, so put fingerprinting technology applied to the safe, confidential, easy to use. However, the opponent's dry and humid requirements more stringent! The finger position on the identification is relatively dull! Even if the same finger, if you enter the fingerprint before opening and opening the door is not the same position, it may identify failure!