Introduction to the key cabinet

- Sep 30, 2017-

The key cabinet is based on the basis of the safe and in order to facilitate the centralized management and security management of keys, the key to a safe and intelligent key cabinet, and the security, digitization, intelligent management. The aim is to solve the key safety, intelligence and humanized management of the unit door and key unit with a large number of keys. The main meaning is to solve the past key management has personnel custody, the custodian registers the applicant information to take, also the key, to the Intellectualization, the informationization as well as the scientific management progress. is the human to the key management another big progress, is the human to the key management enters the informationization, the intellectualization symbol; In order to adapt to the new Times technology change request, completely separated from the manual, according to the authority application, automatically records the applicant information, the leader may the real-time online supervision. Manage important items accurately and timely.