key storaging cabinets China manufacture

- Feb 10, 2018 -

key storaging cabinets 

all high quality steel built for safe body and door

powder cpated for safe surface trestment interiorly and externally

with reprogrammable keypad lock,1-8 bits codes to entrance

with two pieces of mechanical keys for emergency when batteries run out or password missing

at side of the box,can be open hole to put keys into the cabinet

the door at the side can be lockable or not.

with hooks on the all of inside safe to hang the keys

suitable for depositing 200pcs keys(30pcs,70pcs,110pcs etc.)

safe exterior size:W460*D200*H650(MM)(for 200pcs keys depositing)

thickness:2mm and 4mm for safe body and door

power supply:DC6V(4X1.5V batteries)

lower voltage alarm:4.8V


W360XD120XH450mm for 70pieces

W420XD120XH650mm for 110pieces

or for 30pcs...