Manual about using Elevator controller

- Dec 19, 2017 -

1, Product show


2, Product description

Elevator controller works by intercepting the elevator control board, the elevator button or elevator reserved IC control interface directly connected in series at the output of the elevator controller, in the normal power supply working state, the output terminal in the charged open state, At this time elevator button does not work; when the elevator controller reader reads the valid card, the corresponding output terminal is restored to the on state. At this time, press the elevator floor button to be reached, the elevator logic controller receives the corresponding floor request signal to start running

An elevator controller board with eight relay outputs (both normally closed and normally open), an elevator control board can control the 8 floor elevator, can be extended outside the eight control board, up to control the 64 floor elevator.



3,Technical Parameters:  

Operating voltage: 5V                   

Relative humidity: <95%

Point output current: <0.5A               

Temperature: -10 ° --- 40 °

Distance: 5 ~ 15cm                     

Card type: 57 card or EM card compatible, M1 card


4,Classification of elevator controller

   a:Fixed floor elevator controller ----------- Swipe the guest card only to the corresponding floor guests to live.

  bPublic floor elevator controller -----------Swipe the guest card can go to any floor

Note: The above two kinds of elevator control is same shape, but the circuit board is different, according to the different demands of customers choose the right type


1, The elevator has 4 lines for each button, of which 2 lines are button lines for indicator light, 2 lines are the button lines. Only need to cut off any one of the button lines, Then connect the two green lines at the corresponding floor socket of the controller to both ends of the button lines that is cut.

2, The black power line above the controller directly connected with the 5V power socket (will  be provided by factory), 5V power socket directly plug in the 220V power strip (need to install their own 220V power strip inside the elevator)


6Setting method

A------ Setting method of Fixed floor elevator controller

First, Swipe the system card one the elevator controller reader, then, swipe any room setting card of the starting floor (For example: if you want to control the elevator from the 4th floor , swipe any room number Settings card of 4 floor; If you want to control the elevator from the 1th floor, swipe any room number setting card of 1th floor).  Finally, Swipe Time/Date setting card, Then the setup is successful. Swipe valid guest card, guest can only go to the floor the guests live in.


B------ Setting method of Public floor elevator controllerJust only swipe the system card on elevator controller reader.


7FAQ and Solutions

1, such as,  one hotel is starting from the 3rd floor control, until the 10th floor, how to wiring it

Solutions:3 ~ 10 floor connect to 1 ~ 8 floor of the corresponding position,  as follows


3 floor connect to 1 floor of the corresponding position

4 floor connect to 2 floor of the corresponding position

5 floor connect to 3 floor of the corresponding position

6 floor connect to 4 floor of the corresponding position

7 floor connect to 5 floor of the corresponding position

8 floor connect to 6 floor of the corresponding position

9 floor connect to 7 floor of the corresponding position

10 floor connect to 8 floor of the corresponding position