what is safe box

- Dec 02, 2017 -

a strong metal box cupboard with special locks where you keep money or valuable things.

There has different kinds of safe box as follows:

  1. noral safe box:just steel material with key lock or keypad lock.It is not heavy and just money or valuables for a short time,eg hotel safe,supermarket safe locker

  2. for home and burea,special depts which needs to be strong,it is very heavy and burglary.Such as floor safe,home burglary safe

  3. gun safe or rifle safe,the kind of safe is for depositig gun safe,rifles,postols.Safe must be strong and anti-burglary.Then the things inside safe would be safer.

  4. fireproof safe:Safe is with firproof-proof function under a certain degree for a certain time.

  5. waterproof safe:safe is waterproof

  6. other safes:such as cash safe,mail safe box or other customized safe etc.