China Wall Mount Key Lock Box With Four Combination Codes

China Wall Mount Key Lock Box With Four Combination Codes

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Product Details

China wall mount key lock box with four combination codes

The lock box is very simple to install on the wall, just use the four screws that come with it to mount to the side of wall,it takes only a few minutes.

This combination lock safe is made of thick metal, so breaking into them would be extremely difficult,thiefs are looking for easy targets and this is not easy at all.

The design of the key cabinet is attractive and along with the big size,.It looks Like a weather-protected outdoor Outlet. It doesn't say “I’m a key lock box!”

The key storage cabinet compartment can deposit more than five keys for houses,Cars or padlock,personalized,adjustable combination lock with four Dials.

You can allow others to use the Key cabinet when you are not at home,such as friends or workers etc.It is easily to reset the combination codes when back.

The box external size is 115x85x40mm

The mounting anchors are included