Considerations For Hotel Safes

- Sep 30, 2017-

Safe because of its special function-furniture and anti-theft, in the choice should pay special attention, can not look at the appearance of light, also can not only look at the function, shopping is a learning, safe shopping is the knowledge of learning.

First, steel plate selection: From the thickness of steel plate, material and so on to identify, these related to the use of electric drill, cutting and chainsaw and other special tools damaged when the safe's capacity to withstand.

II. Molding and Welding: This factor is related to the gap between the cabinet body and the door and the door frame, too large to reduce the function of the skid.

Third, Anti-rust treatment: If the process is not good, it will affect the appearance of the box, serious will cause damage to the function.

Four, anti-theft mechanism: This factor is also the biggest feature of the Safe (box), because its users in the box can not be detected, but it is to prevent the technical opening of the fatal key.