Electronic Hotel Key Card Locks System And Metal Detectors Supply To Southeast Asia

- Mar 08, 2018-

electronic hotel key card locks system and metal detectors supply to Southeast Asia

1.zinc alloy lock front and back panels which are ,elegant and rigorous,reliability. 
2.Low consume,high sensitive 'Epordo' RFID Technology PCB board.
3.U.S. Mortise with 5 latches(Euro style mortise for option)
4. suitable door thickness is 35mm to 55mm.(wood door or iron door is available)
5.RFID Mifare 1 technology,100000 times life, contactless working;
6.Low voltage warning,when less than 4.8V system will indicate you to change new batteries
7.with two pieces of mechanical keys for emergency 
8. Powered by 4 pcs AA battery for 12 months' life. Usually branded alkaline batteries.
9.EM card/TEMIC T5557 card/Mifare 1 card required. 
10.1,000 unlocking activities for one group new battery pack
11.Total solution with Hotel management software plus Mifare card encoder(most of customers they need energy saver,door dispaly,controller and bell).

Hotel Lock System Compositon: 
1.Hotel Lock (quantity is guest rooms)---to lock and open the door
2.Card Reader (1pcs/hotel ) ---For issuing all kinds of cards,such as system card,floor card,building card,room card etc.
3.Energy Saving Switch (quantity is same as guest room)---To get the electric power in the hotel room
4.RFID Cards (quantity is around 3 times of guest rooms)-----to unlock the hotel locks
5.Data collector (1pcs/hotel, optional)-----For getting the time and times of entrance information from the lock.
6.Hotel management software (free of charge)----For setting the program the whole system.