Gun Safes Advantage

- Jan 03, 2018-

Advantage one: accurate operation, convenient and practical, efficient and efficient human security management

Adopt new sensing technology and fault-tolerant technology to ensure operation safety;

Configuration of electronic control gun or photoelectric sensor gun position, firearm access safe, convenient and flexible;

Paperless network gun application, examination and approval; the head of the remote monitoring, approval, real-time recording of process data;

Intelligent management, warehouse door automatically bounced; counting pallets to facilitate the number of shells, zero error.


Advantage two: support for personalization function configuration, build tailored gun management platform

Personnel, guns, gun cabinet information can be configured; can be set to change the duty on duty login time;

Can be set to take, but also gun time, non-period can not open the cabinet, firearms will not be prompted for an extended period;

Stand-alone network settings can be set to work with the double fingerprint can open the door, without approval, and after the record will make up the database.


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