How To Set Up The Safe When Decorating?

- Sep 30, 2017-

First, Feng Shui study on the safe place in the financial position, there is a "till" implication. In the five elements of the safe belongs to the gold, southwest and northeast azimuth belong to the soil, according to the five element of the principle: soil health gold, so southwest and northeast azimuth put safe will gather wealth, security.

Second, the bedroom closet back to the corner of the wall to leave a safe position, in the wall before the first embedded steel plate with an electric welding fixed safe or with expansion screws into the wall and then fixed the safe, and install dark door, so that thieves will find it difficult to move the safe. Open the side of the door to rely on the wall, because the door to the wall, thieves can not find the focus, it is difficult to pry open the door lock. In addition, can also be installed in the safe alarm, preferably with mobile phone and other communication tools connected, once the theft, can be timely alarm.

Third, according to the room type and need to build a block of light wall, and then inlaid into the built light wall inside.