Jewelry / Jewelry Safe Brief

- Jan 03, 2018-

Bank security work is a systematic project, there are personnel factors, but also the role of science and technology. In recent years, along with the development of modern science and technology, some advanced modern technologies and measures have been widely applied in the field of security and theft and have played a great role in bank security work.

Bank access control system in the bank's security system accounted for the most important position. The application of advanced computer network technology, communication technology and biometrics makes the rapid development and improvement of access control system technology. With the unique biological characteristics and high security, the security of fingerprint access control system has been reached Very high level, its function is extremely rich and complete, is widely used in financial institutions like banks and other security systems.


Product Features Description:

1. Safe deposit box with all stainless steel anti-magnetic, door surface precision surface grinding.

2. The unit body spray anti-rust treatment, according to the room layout, building blocks assembled, any combination.

3. Combination of special deposit lock with cross-shaped slot, multi-row marbles, anti-drilling structure, for one million do not repeat.

4. Combination of special deposit lock master and guest keys, easy to manage, two with the same, a single lock.

5. Concealed chain, all stainless steel edge, luxurious and elegant.

6. Safe deposit box with moving stainless steel escalator for use.

7. Can also be designed according to user needs.