Prospect Of Electronic Door Locks

- Sep 30, 2017-

Of course, an invention from the idea to the formation of influential products is a very big system engineering, relying on a few stragglers is not done, the need for visionary organizers to design the completion of this system.

We do not want to negate the electronic lock, just explain that the design of the key-type cipher lock is superior to the electronic way. Electronic lock has its inherent irreplaceable advantages, such as fingerprint lock, voice lock, biological lock and so on with the whole machine way is difficult to do. But this kind of electronic locks belong to high-grade or special locks, like the mechanical lock in the clock lock, Silver Library lock, difficult to popularize, can only be used in some special occasions. But the key password lock because the structure is relatively simple, and easy to operate, it is likely to become popular products. China is a major manufacturer of locks, but the products are mainly imitation, take the road of innovation, improve value-added, is a matter of morning and evening, willing to work together with lofty ideals, ambitious.