S50 Mifare Card

- Dec 19, 2017-

It is contactless intelligent card which adapted NXP MF1 ICS50. Usually called S50 or Mifare 1K. It accord with ISO14443A standards,4 or 7 UID.

chip: NXP Mifare 1 IC S50

Capacity: 1K Bytes

Working ratiosuccess:13.56 MHz


Brief instroduction

1K data storaging area,and datas are with password protection. Can provide blank card,printed card, paper material label,key chain,TOKEN,and different kinds of descriptions,thin and thick cards. Mainly used for entrance guard,attendance checking,ID recognization,logistics,industry automatics,member cards,such as electronic currency for metro,public bus card,club etc.Or electronic tickets,animals recognization,targets tracking etc. one card for all.


main features and data:

●communication speed:106Kbps

●read and write distance: 0 ~ 100mm

●read and write time:1 ~ 5ms

●working temperature:-20℃ ~ +55℃

●working life:>100,000 times

●data records: >10 years

●external size: ISO standard card 85.6x54x0.82

●material:PVC、PET、PETG、0.13mm bronze cable

●technica: Ultrasonic automatic line planting /auto spot welding

●executive standard:ISO14443A