China Made Zinc Alloy Qr Code Open Door Lock With Key For Backup

China Made Zinc Alloy Qr Code Open Door Lock With Key For Backup

QR code lock is our newest lock that sells very well on the market.It is a kind lock that adopt qr code recognition technology.Since 2004 we began to make different kinds of locks and safes.The main ones are hotel safe,home safe,gun rifle safe,safe deposit box,burglary safe,hotel RFID lock,code lock,fingerprint lock,password lock etc.You are welcome to visit our facility.

Product Details

China made zinc alloy qr code open door lock with key for back up

material:zinc alloy constrcution

easliy set and operate

lock can be opened by qr code and RF card

lock size:300x70mm

suitable for wood door

lock colour:golden and red ancient bronze

power supply:4X1.5V alkaline battery

net weight:3.5kgs

the lock adapt the QRCODE recognition technology

Low recognition error rate.

Can set parameters to adjust recognition rate.


Achieve O2O marketing model in any industry.

Integrate offline door lock with online key.

Easy using

Virtual room card, suitable for the market trend.

Can be printed on paper, environment friendly.