Hotel RFID Key Card Door Lock Made In China

Hotel RFID Key Card Door Lock Made In China

China manufacturer since 2004,we make different kinds of hotel key card lock,password lock,fingerprint lock,hotel safe,home safe,gun safe locker,deposit safe,in floor safe,wall hidden safe,office safe etc.for customers all over the global.You are welcome to visit us at any time.

Product Details

hotel RFID key card door lock made in China

material:zinc alloy and electroplating on the surface

Mifare card/T5557 card to open the lock,13.56MHZ or 125KHZ

just swipe the card on the sensitive area of the lock

five latches standard ANSI mortise,suitbale for different countries

with mechanical keys for emergency

working power voltage:4X1.5V alkaline battery

reading time:less than 1 second

Working Temperature:-20℃-50℃

Door Thickness Request:35mm-50mm,out of this range need to let us know in order to customize the parts,such as mounting screws.

Static Current:less than 15mA

Dynamic Current:120mA-180mA


production time:2-15 days

battery life:usually 12-16 months

lock size:247x77X72mm