Intelligent Card Keyless Hotel Door Lock

Intelligent Card Keyless Hotel Door Lock

As a professional safe and lock factory we produce high quality various of safe and hotel intelligent lock,digital code lock,biometric fingerprint lock,QR code lock etc. for global customers.Welcome to visit us and we are looking forward to working with you in the coming future.

Product Details

intelligent card keyless hotel door lock

1.US RFID card-125Khz or M 1 card 13.56Mhz to unlock
2.Metal panel, anti-oxidation surface treatment, durable use
3.Free handles prevent vandalism
4.Unique hidden mechanical key hole design 
5.ANSI standard five latches structure guarantee security
6.False-closing alarm: light and voice warning after incomplete closing 
7.Compact lock body structure, good mechanical linkage
8.Circuit board: microcomputer chip control, more stable
9.working power:4X1.5V batteries and with low working voltage alarm when less than 4.8V


Hotel Lock System Compositon: 
1.Hotel Lock (qty = guest room)---For open the door
2.Card Reader (at least 1pcs/hotel ) ---For issuing all kinds of cards
3.Energy Saving Switch (qty = guest room)---To get the power
4.RFID Cards (qty = 3 times of guest room)-----For open the lock
5.Data collector (at least 1pcs/hotel, optional)-----For getting the time and times of entrance infors from the lock.
6.Hotel management software (free of charge)----For setting the program the whole system.