Keyless Touch Screen Combination Keypad Door Lock

Keyless Touch Screen Combination Keypad Door Lock

Electronic smart pawword lock is one of our intelligent door locks series.It can opened by Mifare card,touching password code and mechanical keys.Can set 200pcs guest cards and read 1000piees unlocking records.

Product Details

Keyless Touch Screen Combination Keypad Door Lock

stainless steel material

type:combination door lock

unlocking way:card,combination code,key

silver colour or golden colour

suitable for wood door thickness 35-55mm

Function: Low Power Alarm, normal open, burglary-proof resistance

1. Three independent unlocking methods: Password, card and mechanical key.

2. Combined unlocking methods: Mifare card + Password.

3. Color: golden/ silver/ antique brass

4. Jimmying resistance, fake closing alarm and low voltage alarm

5. 200 pieces of guest cards and 2 master cards available.

6. 50 sets of opening passwords and 1 set master passwords.

7. 1000 lastest unlocking records (including mechanical key unlocking)

8. Reset function to ensure the safety of the lock in case losing of cards or keys.

9. USB interface for emergency power supply when the battery is dead.

IQC ( Incoming Quality Control):

Confirming the quality of raw and processed materials, such as mechanical spring, sword iron, etc., to control the quality.

IPQC( Input Process Quality Control):

Randomly inspect the quality of locks and worker’s operation methods in every process from producing to packaging.

FQC( Final Quality Control):

Confirming the quality of completed locks after all of the producing process, including outlook, mechanical parts, switches, generator, etc.

OQC( Outgoing Quality Control):

Overall quality inspection and confirmation before shipment, including packages, accessory kits, user manuals, etc., to ensure the locks to consistent customers’ order.