Colourful Video Door Phone System

Colourful Video Door Phone System

We make smart colour door video phone system

Product Details

colourful video door phone system

7 inch door video phone 1 monitor 1 outdoor machine HD camera Infrared night vision system


Keywords:Visual Doorbell,video door phone,home security system,intercom unlock


Functional characteristics


With monitoring, intercom, lock, bell, indoor intercom, volume, brightness, color adjustment function


1.7 inch TFT LCD, no radiation, low power consumption, wide screen high definition image


2.hands-free intercom function


3.electric control unlocking function


4.there is the function of monitoring the outdoor


5, image brightness, chroma, ring volume, intercom volume can be adjusted


6, anti alumina panel and wear-resistant surface treatment of the outdoor machine, camera HD 700 lines


7, indoor machine ultra-thin aluminum panel design, beautiful and luxurious style


8, 16 kinds of chords optional, will not always hear the monotonous door bell

9, super waterproof, waterproof grade IP55, with night vision infrared function, wall mounted installation is simple and convenient

10, this product can be extended to a pair of two, six to three

Performance parameter

1, switching power supply: DC15V 1.2A AC220V--50Hz


2, the whole machine current: less than 800mA


3, call delay time: 120S + 10%


4, monitoring delay time: 60S + 10%


5, camera sensor: 700 lines


6, lens: 3.6MM92 degree


7, outdoor machine with infrared night vision function

8, indoor machine size:180*120*18mm


9, outside the size of the machine: 155*100*35mm


Package includes

1 * Outdoor camera

1 * Indoor monitor

1 * AC adapter

1 * 5m 4-core Connection cable

1 * 2-core Connection cable

1 * Package of screws

1 * User manual-English